Yukiko Nakagawa

Outside Director, Nissin Foods Holdings Co.
Outside Director, Macromill, Inc.
Outside Director, Toho Zinc Co., Ltd.
Founder and Representative Director, Talent Innovation Inc.
Specially Appointed Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University School of Business

PhD. (Commerce, Keio University). After graduating from university, she joined Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Limited. She has worked as a global HR practitioner for more than 25 years in the financial and manufacturing industries in Japan and the United States.
While raising two sons and working a full-time job, she pursued a master’s degree as a working graduate student, then a doctoral degree over the course of ten years. She specializes in human capital management, global organizational development, and the science of D&I on corporate performance.
Her recent interests include ESG management promotion, using AI in management, and the use of advanced foreign human capital in Japan.
She has served as an outside director at a total of six prime companies since 2018. Currently, she is also an outside director of Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd and Macromill Inc. and Toho Zinc Co. and President of Talent Innovation Inc. as a Founder, Lecturer at the Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokushima, Visiting MBA Professor at Chung-Ang University, Taiwan and Specially Appointed Professors at Aoyama Gakuin University, School of Business.