BDTI’s Director Bank for Individuals

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The Director Bank has been designed to simultaneously maximize privacy and criteria-based searches for board member talent. The service is provided to graduates of BDTI one-day training courses at no charge, after getting BDTI’s approval.

  1. All Individuals who have taken at least one of BDTI’s intensive director training courses are eligible to register with the Director Bank as “Individual Users”.
    ※ All users must agree to abide by the Registration Rules in order to use the Director Bank. Please note that even if you are a registered user of BDTI’s Discussion Forum, you will be required to register separately for the Director Bank, using a new user name and password.
  2. After clicking on the button below, please fill out the online information form for Individual Users. BDTI’s Director Bank system will automatically separate the information into two separate categories based on the input cells:
    (A)“General Information” about your skills, experience, titles, responsibilities, or background, which does not identify you personally. (If correctly input, this will not include the names of companies or individuals).(B)  “Detailed Information” that can be used to identify you personally, including your name, address, contact information, and career history, or any names of companies or individuals.※ To supplement the resume which BDTI’s system will automatically generate from the online input form, Individual Users can also upload a PDF resume in searchable format.
  3. All corporate registers after getting BDTI’s approval are eligible to use the Director Bank as “Corporate Users” in order to search for director or kansayaku candidates at their own company, group companies, portfolio companies, or client companies (for instance, in the case of recruitment firms). The flow of the search process is as follows:

(i) Corporate Users search and view General Information, which does not identify you personally, in order to find director candidates with the attributes that they seek.

        ⇓     ⇓

(ii) When a Corporate User has interest in a certain Individual User, it requests and receives Detailed Information (a resume) through the Director Bank system.

※ Each Corporate User may only receive a certain number of resumes per year. In this manner, the system motivates them to only request personal details and contact information for the persons in whom they believe they will have strong interest. BDTI does not inform the Individual User in question that a Corporate User has received this information.

      ⇓     ⇓

(iii) The Corporate User then decides whether to contact that person based on the information it received in step (ii). If it decides that it would like to make contact, it freely and directly does so, without any intermediation by BDTI, and both sides consider whether to schedule an initial meeting or interview.

※ At this stage, BDTI is not involved in the process at all. Under the Registration Rules, the Corporate User itself is required to be the first party who directly contacts the Individual User.