Make your board as effective and accountable as it can be

Under Japan’s Corporate Governance Code (“the Code”), companies will be expected to robustly disclose and describe their governance practices. Taking a “principles-based approach”, the Code encourages companies to adopt a variety of practices that are new to Japan, such as executive sessions, appointment of a lead independent director, self evaluation by the board, and explicit corporate policies with regard to nominations, director training, and engagement with shareholders.

BDTI is uniquely suited to assist your company in analyzing its present governance, identifying areas for possible improvement, adopting leading-edge practices, and providing the training needed to make them effective. Based on his broad experience as an outside director at Japanese companies, BDTI’s Representative Director, Nicholas Benes, is the person who proposed the creation of a corporate governance code to the Japanese government in 2013, and thereafter advised the FSA on its content.  Since then, BDTI has undertaken a number of consulting assignments on behalf of Japanese companies seeking to refine their own optimal framework for “complying or explaining” with the Code. At the same time, BDTI is closely networked with a large number of domestic and foreign institutional investors, and can explain their perspectives.

Please contact BDTI if you need expert, practical advice and training with regard to compliance with the Corporate Governance Code and making your board as effective and accountable as possible.

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