Leverage BDTI's experience to turn the "inscrutable" into investment value

Japan’s Company Law gives shareholders stronger rights than many other countries. Since most weaknesses in the Japanese system arise from disparities in internal rigor, it is essential for foreign investors to assess the actual quality of each company’s governance, management, and compliance “culture”. Diagrams and impressive resumes are fine, but “is the “spirit in the Buddha”?

BDTI advises investors in the Japanese stock market so that they enhance returns and more confidently manage risks by:

  • Analyzing governance reports and other disclosure to differentiate between “talking the talk” and “walking the walk”
  • Assessing governance and compliance rigor – and potential risks and organizational issues – at individual firms
  • Knowing what really goes on – and does not – on a Japanese board; and the challenges that outside directors may face
  • Evaluating director and statutory auditor candidates who are nominated to the board
  • Engaging in constructive dialogue with portfolio companies, making suggestions, or considering voting choices
  • Discussing aspects of the Corporate Governance Code with portfolio companies

BDTI’s consulting is grounded on long experience serving on Japanese boards and evaluating companies.  BDTI’s Representative Director, Nicholas Benes, first proposed the Corporate Governance Code to the Japanese government in 2013, and advised the LDP and the FSA on its contents from the very start.

Contact Information for Consulting services:

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