Interview with Mr. Tsuyoshi Maruki

An in-depth interview with Mr. Tsuyoshi Maruki, who  established Strategic Capital, Inc. in September 2012, was one of the Founding Partners of M&A Consulting (Japan’s first activist fund), and once worked “on loan” at METI (when it was known as “MITI”).

Strategic Capital mainly invests in companies which are discounted due to poor corporate governance and/or poor financial structure despite relatively stable cash flows which the investment manager believes are sustainable. Mr. Maruki discusses his investment policy, how he engages with corporate executives, and how he stresses to them the importance of corporate governance, capital efficiency and the productive use of accumulated cash, and attention to shareholder value rather than “doing what is comfortable for themselves”. 

Read interview here.

(Submitted by a BDTI blogger)

Source: Investment in Japan

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