Benefits for Non-Profits and Educational Institutions

  • Members have access to the “BDTI Director Bank”
  • For non-profits, 40% discounts on programs for all members
  • For educational institutions, 80% discounts

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Access to the “BDTI Director Bank”

Starting in 2016, BDTI plans to operate a “Director Bank” on behalf of Corporate Participating Members, Sustaining Donors and past participants in our intensive director training programs.

Many of the past participants in our director training programs have prior board experience and/or extensive international management experience, and are bilingual. Corporations will be able conduct a focused search for potential candidates based on desired skills, experience, industry knowledge and other criteria. By receiving training, Director Bank candidates have demonstrated their dedication to serving as effective board members.

Please contact us if you are a non-profit organization and your members or employees may be interested in having their career information listed in the BDTI Director Bank after taking one of our intensive one-day programs, and other programs as necessary. Their information will only be available to Corporate Participating Members and Sustaining Donors, and even then, only on a limited basis and in stages. (At the first level, no identifying information will be given out.)


Discounts on Public Programs and Seminars

We offer seminars, director training, and group learning programs on a variety of topics related to corporate governance. Lectures by experts and guest speakers in related fields, interactive discussion, concrete mini-cases, and Q & A sessions are common features of many of these programs.

  • Individual members of non-profits which register as participating member organizations receive a 40% discount on fees for any seminar or program (up to 10 persons per program on any particular day, in the case of one “unit”).
  • Students or faculty at educational institutions which register as participating members receive a 80% discount on fees for any seminar or program (up to 100 per program, in the case of one “unit).

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BDTI’s “Company Law”, “Securities Law” and “Corporate Governance” e-learning courses are suitable not only for directors, but also for executive officers, managers, and students. However, unfortunately we cannot offer discounts for these courses in the case of non-profits and schools, because both the annual dues and the price of our e-Learning modules are already so low.

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Any person or any organization that supports our goals and our activities can become a member by following a few steps. Membership status will be granted after BDTI approves applications.

Membership Dues (Annual)
Non-Profit Organizations ¥30,000
Educational Institutions ¥30,000
Corporate Participating Members ¥100,000
“Unlimited e-Learning” Members ¥0  (annual dues are waived)
Individual Participating Members ¥10,000

*We do not ask for any entrance or “admission” fee, only annual dues (unless waived in the case of “Unlimited e-Learning” members).

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a member, or have any questions about participating membership, please call us at 03-6432-2337 or contact us by email at .

The Rules and Agreement for participating members can be downloaded here.   A summary of benefits for each category of member can be downloaded here.

(The above describes the major outlines of BDTI’s participating membership program as of February 4th, 2016, and is subject to change.)