Joint Seminar - Corporate Governance Related Training of Board Directors and Senior Managers – German and Japanese Experiences, 4/14/2015

DIJ Seminar Event: "Japan’s Corporate Governance Code – Driver of Change?",4/9/2015

Approximately once a month, BDTI offers a 2-3 hour seminar on a specific topic that is timely and of practical benefit. These seminars span a broad range of different topics related to corporate governance or directorship, such as best practices, corporate law, risk management, investor relations and shareholder engagement, securities law risks, foreign legal risks, or corporate strategy, - virtually any subject that board members, senior executives, and compliance officers need to know more about.

Most of these seminars start out with an in-depth lecture by a guest speaker who is an expert in the respective subject area, and then proceed on to a panel discussion and a question-and-answer period. Over time, we plan to hold more events in English.

We often cooperate with leading professionals in the files of law, accounting, and consulting; regulatory authorities such as the FSA; well-known scholars; or experienced directors or kansayaku. Please let us know if you are interested in jointly sponsoring a seminar.  

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